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Date an AIESECer



Date an AIESECer. Date someone who believes that if their dreams don’t scare them, then they’re not big enough. Date a change maker, a person who believes he was born for a reason. They may not be the perfect flawless people you’ll meet in your life, but you’ll be impressed by how much they’re endlessly working on themselves.

Find an AIESECer. You’ll spot them dancing their own moves (roll calls) on certain songs. They spend too much time on Gmail and Google Drive. Once you get to know an AIESECer, spontaneously you’ll get to know many others. As AIESECers deal with each other as family, they don’t only work together, go visits or work on projects together. But they get so connected that they literally spend their whole time together. They feel free to call their AIESEC friends to hang out together even if they talked to them once. Yes, socializing is that easy when you’re dealing with AIESECers.

Don’t panic when they ask you for personal feedback after anything. It’s not a joke. They will actually consider whatever you’ll tell them. As they are in their journey of self discovery and development. Don’t get bored when they keep telling you about their AIESEC dreams, get very excited when they step into a new role in their AIESEC experience, you may think they’re stupid but you’ll get all these syndromes when you join, too. And you’ll hear the most famous line ever “Didn’t I tell you how awesome it is?”.

Trust me, AIESECers don’t live in their own bubble. You may find them the most interesting people to talk with about politics, philosophy, art and life. AIESECers are travelers and leaders, you’ll get fascinated by how much experience, knowledge and wisdom they have.

Date an AIESECer and the huge amount of motivation you’ll get would be simply unbelievable. An AIESECer would understand that you’re a human being and you need to get motivated every now and then. You’ll find them supporting you like ever, with all the words and actions they can provide you with.

Date an AIESECer so when you’re about to take a new step into your career, you’ll find them your guardian angel. They will interview you before your professional interview, making sure you can pass it and focusing on all your weaknesses that you have to change and work on.

A relationship with an AIESECer would be totally different than any other relation. You’d both sit together and make a goal setting with a certain target and a deadline, you’ll find yourself working on the development of both of you. Whenever you find them not working on their weaknesses, you’ll keep them updated. So at the end of the time period you both agreed on, you’ll find yourself got developed in something, learnt a new skill and had an impact on someone else. AIESECers will bring out the best of you.

Give them challenges. Put them in a competition mood and don’t set rules for the game, you’ll find extremely creative ways they discovered. Travel with them, to somewhere you haven’t traveled before. Get lost with them and don’t fear anything, you’ll enjoy the journey. Exploring with an AIESECer would be the most enjoyable thing you’ll ever do in your life.

It’s okay to make mistakes. An AIESECer would understand, and would give you the space you need to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. An AIESECer won’t expect a perfect partner. An AIESECer won’t need a perfect partner. An AIESECer need a person with flaws and potentials, who’d agree to go on a self development journey, no more no less.

It’s okay to be different, too. AIESECers understand and accept diversity. They know how to get benefited from, they love being with diverse people, not just a copy paste from them. They’ll always show flexibility towards any different opinions or actions. They are open minded and you can be yourself with them, without acting or beautifying.

You won’t need to overact to make an AIESECer notice you’re sad or depressed. They are extremely emotionally intelligent. They will notice and care about you. They would put themselves in your shoes. They will always listen carefully and give you their full attention.

Date an AIESECer and they’ll take you to new places, influential and inspiring movies and talks, recommend you creative books. As AIESECers are always looking for sources of inspiration. With AIESECers you’ll always feel fresh and alive.

Date an AIESECer and you’d be more than proud to introduce them to anyone, your family or your friends. AIESECers are always interesting people to talk with, with so much impressive stories and experiences. They’re passionate, creative and entrepreneurs. They will face whatever challenges they have in their lives.

Date an AIESECer and they will make you something from nothing. They know how to be resourceful and they understand how to enjoy the little things they have. Date an AIESECer and listen to them talking about their society from the positive perspective, as if it’s not a hopeless case. They will always find hope, a light and they will work on it to make it a better place to live in.

Date an AIESECer so they will believe in you, make you believe in yourself and in your potentials. They will show you that you’re a lot more wonderful, special and beautiful than you ever give yourself credit for.

Date an AIESECer so you’ll always be young, wild and free.

BY MY Inner Voice

P.S I don’t own this post, i just wanted this one to be here as i am the part of AIESEC big family